Connected Kitchen thoughts...some silly, some pretty cool.

It is always an interesting conversation with clients when I ask  "so, how smart of a home are you after?  semi-smart, kinda-smart, or full blown TMI at your fingertips?"    The connected world can make things easy, or just add complication, to an already tricky ecosystem of managing a home, family, and work.   

My Sunday morning began my lady, my pups, and a cup of coffee with the latest Architectural Digest.   A few items jumped out to me as I skimmed through the pages before tossing it into the recycling bin...some silly, some pretty cool:  

Belkin Mr. Coffee Maker

Schedule a week's worth of coffee or order up a cup from your smartphone while lying in bed.  

GeniCan Scanner

Now the lady in my house says this is the dumbest device ever, but I think it's kinda least for me.  It's inevitable that I will forget a few items when I return from the grocery.  

Same goes for this item by GE.  The FirstBuild Milky Weigh

Automated Ovens for those who struggle making a meal

Miele Ovens and more recently, Dacor, have ovens that can control, monitor,provide recipes from control panels that mimic your tablet or smartphone....not too mention send you text updates when your meal is ready.    Check out Miele products here

And now for my FAVORITE new tech device I found for your home this month:

It all starts with the addition of a wireless transmitter under the slab of your Corian brand countertop surface.  From there you can charge smartphones and tablets by simply placing your device on the surface above the hidden charger, thus eliminating the need for electrical outlets and cords that can clutter up your workstation.   Check out the Corian Charging Surface, by DuPont, here