Welcome to DLB Custom Home Design.  Here you will find unique homes that have been specifically designed for each client's needs, desires, and budget.   I use my vision.  But I also use yours.  Regardless of size or budget, each project is executed through a thorough design process that is both linear and collaborative. Ultimately a complete understanding of ones needs, goals and desires are realized and a one-of-a-kind design solution is revealed.  Here you will find Contemporary designs that are also sensitive to Traditional styles.    I have over a decade of experience designing high-end custom residential homes on Kiawah Island, Daniel Island, Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, and a variety of other Coastal locations across the Low Country of South Carolina.  Designing homes is a passion of mine and I believe that as our lives evolve, so should our domestic spaces.  I am constantly reminded that home design is a testing ground, in which there is always room for changing , tinkering, and experimentation.  Please take your time to look around, watch some virtual tours of homes in the design process, and email with any questions.   I would also encourage you to contact my clients and inquire about their experience collaborating with me.  

I have been designing homes in the South Carolina Low Country for nearly a decade.  I fell in love with the history, style, and character of homes in the South while pursuing and receiving a Master's Degree in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003.  Projects will reflect my keen awareness of regional design styles and methods of construction.  To me, it is most important to develop a design perspective that encompasses local knowledge in the City and how to build properly for this environment. When I need to find balance in my life, I enjoy spending time with my wife and family, golfing and travelling.  


  • Architectural Philosophy 

  • I love architecture because it is quite simply about function and style working together.  To ensure my client's needs are satisfied I constantly invite you to participate and provide input.  Through programming and brainstorming sessions, our collaboration will inevitably lead us to a creative and purposeful design.  Thoughtful spatial organization, in conjunction with sensitivity to the individual site, allows me to provide clear, sensible design solutions.  This approach from pre-design through the design process facilitates a strong relationship between myself and my client

  • Designing a home is a deeply personal experience from start to finish.  Your "dream home" speaks about your desires, your lifestyle, your aspirations, your comforts, your status, and how we reach your design goals.  It is a process of discovery and it is my duty to guide you through the process.  

  • My architectural style is not necessarily defined by preconceived notions of "Southern Vernacular".  Architecture is about the people it serves.  As an Architect, it is my responsibility to bring people, families, and coworkers together in a constructive, workable, private, and public environments. The variety in my designs are a direct response to each individual client's needs, personality, and lifestyle.   I believe homes should be designed for multiple generations of families to live in.  It's about storytelling.  Some of my homes will have art studios, office space, or suites with specific designations.  We expand or contract our homes based on new additions to our families, time, budget, and everyday challenges.  With each new client a dream becomes a new reality.   I will maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each design since I provide you one-on-one service for the entire process.  Your project is my project.  You will find that I am interested and attentive to your schedule, program, and budget.  Building anew does not have to be daunting.  Negotiating between possibilities and constraints is never easy, but together it will be an exhilarating process.  Finally, I want you to enjoy the design process and have fun with what will likely be one of the most important investments of your life.

  • Architectural Design Innovation through Building Information Modeling

  • At DLB Custom Home Design, I utilize the latest Architectural Design software on the market.  I will provide you with a 3-Dimensional experience of the home during the design process so you fully understand the design with a high level of accuracy.   By geo-locating your home through Google Earth I will be able to show you sun angles at any time during the year.   You will also be able to explore the design at your leisure (Through a link I will send to your email address)  Client's love the fact that they can access their drawings and Virtual Models at any time, from anywhere.   My Structural Engineer and Builder's appreciate this as well.  These building models translate from presentation to construction documents with ease.   The day's of 2D design have long past and it is imperative to take advantage of BIM and design technology.

  • The real value in the new software is that it allows me more time to research and investigate materials and methods for your home.  With the vast information at hand, I have found that my designs are more interesting, more detailed, and even more deliberate.   Architectural practice in the 21st Century means being connected to the world of digital technology.  

  • Coastal, Low Country, Architectural Design

    It is imperative to construct homes that use less energy and withstand the elements, especially in South Carolina.   Besides the threat of hurricanes and earthquakes, we also live in an area that has high humidity.  Our buildings are under constant attack from water infiltration, and therefore consider what is best in regards to moisture protection and insulation from the elements. I have increased my focus on a healthy home environment.  Indoor air quality is a top concern among homeowners and I will push for building system integration that will help you keep a healthy home.  

    We will discuss the many techniques and detailing integrated into your home to protect it for many years to come.  Because of my close ties with the Building Enclosure Council.  (http://www.bec-charleston.org/)  I am forever educating myself and my clients on the latest technologies and studies being conducted in the construction world.   I will always pursue the best possible solution in regards to the construction of your home.

  • New Design Trends For The Home Of Today.

    Clients want different things from their homes today.  Flexible and open spaces replaced formal and activity specific spaces.  Rooms that can serve multiple functions are proven more versatile.  Modern living requires rooms to have multiple uses, have visual connections, and take advantage of views to the exterior spaces and outdoor living.   Homes that also accommodate guests, children, and aging parents are a must.   Designing duel master suites for this reason is not uncommon.   The information and digital age has also opened to the door to changing work and business patterns.  I will frequently suggest and add home office spaces to my plan design. 

    Accessibility is a growing design priority.  Designs that have day-to-day living and master suites on the main floor.  Bathrooms and door openings large enough to accommodate a wheelchair are planned for a universal design approach to the home.   

    Lifestyles have become more informal, and homes are reflecting this.  Formal Living Rooms and Dining Rooms have been steadily disappearing.  They have been replaced by Great Rooms, Kitchen and Dining spaces working together, and generally open-concept layouts.  With this, especially in SC, outdoor living is just as important as the inside of your home.  Outdoor kitchens and furnished outdoor rooms create an easy, and beautiful expansion of your space to the outside.  Designing them in tandem is a no-brainer approach for me.  


  • Project Management And Budgeting

    Over the years I have helped many clients develop their ideas into a home that is beyond their initial expectation, while also making sure I keep them on budget.  My goal is to make sure of this, and I have ways we can gauge the cost during the design development phase.  We will approach the entire process as a team.  I will encourage you to engage a builder early for preliminary pricing.   Through this, the process is more efficient, the final product is clearly outlined, and the overall project is properly budgeted to contain the finishes and the materials that you have envisioned.



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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
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